The full papers of the research results presented at ISCR 2022 can be found below. The papers are grouped by thematic areas. Click on the DOI to open the full document.

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ISCR 2022 Proceedings

2nd International Symposium on Cocoa Research
5 – 7 December 2023.

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ISBN ICCO: ISBN – 978-2-9563177-0-8

ISBN CIRAD: ISBN – 978-2-87614-798-0

Publisher: International Cocoa Organization ICCO / French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development CIRAD

Symposium Proceedings

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Genetics resources to study Moniliophthora perniciosaMr Rayanne França PereiraMr Ceslaine Santos Barbosa, Mr Franco Jesus Andrade, Mr João Pedro Alves de Almeida Takahashi, Ms Karina Peres Gramacho10.5281/zenodo.8316240POSTER
Molecular chaperone modulation in cocoa leads to plant resistance to Moniliophthora perniciosaDr Fatima Cerqueira AlvimMs Grazielle da Mota Alcantara, Dr Marcio Gilberto Cardoso Costa, Dr Carlos Priminho Pirovani, Ms Karina Peres Gramacho10.5281/zenodo.8316259POSTER
Infestation dynamics of mealybug vectors (Hemiptera : Pseudococcidae) of the Cocoa swollen shoot virus (CSSV) in young cocoa plots surrounded by barrier cropsDr Régis BabinMr Alain Déron Koffi, Dr Pierre Walet N’guessan, Dr Franck Zokou Oro, Dr Loreleï Guéry, Prof Mauricette S-W. Ouali N’goran10.5281/zenodo.10207810POSTER
The « BarCo » project: for the promotion of barrier crops to curb the expansion of the Cocoa swollen shoot virus in Côte d’IvoireDr Régis BabinDr Franck Zokou Oro, Dr Mathias Gnion Tahi, Dr Pierre Walet N’guessan, Dr Emmanuelle Muller, Mr Thomas Wibaux10.5281/zenodo.10207841ORAL
Effect of temperature on the Cacao swollen shoot virus (CSSV, Badnavirus) vection by the mealybug Planococcus citri to cocoa seedlings in the laboratoryDr Régis BabinMiss Chloé Cailleaud, Dr Bernard Dufour, Mr Frédéric Dedieu, Dr Nicolas Sauvion, Dr Fabienne Ribeyre10.5281/zenodo.10207873POSTER
Past domestication of T. cacao in Latin America revealed by paleo-genomics and methylxanthines analysisDr Claire LANAUDMrs Hélène VIGNES, Mr José UTGE, Mr Gilles VALETTE, Mrs Mariella GARCIA CAPUTI, Mrs Natalia Angarita10.5281/zenodo.10208446ORAL
The morphological and genetic diversity of the cacao pathogen Moniliophthora perniciosa in the Peruvian Upper AmazonDr Jorge Ronny Díaz-ValderramaMr Tito A. Ramos-Carrasco, Mr Santos Triunfo Leiva-Espinoza10.5281/zenodo.10207912POSTER
Barriers to cocoa replanting in Western-Ghana Ms Selma van der HaarMr Reuben Ottou, Mr William McFarland, Ms Emily Gallagher, Mr George Schoneveld10.5281/zenodo.10208472POSTER
Improving cocoa beans quality by mitigating FFA level at farm gate with some farmer groups in Côte d’IvoireMs Marine MarchettiMs Julie Lestang, Dr Kam Rigne Laossi, Mr Siaka Ko, Dr Pierre Broun10.5281/zenodo.10208484POSTER
How many years of evaluation are needed to select new productive cocoa clones?Dr Christian CilasDr Wilbert Phillips-Mora, Dr Allan Mata-Quirós, Mr Philippe Bastide, Mr Vincent Johnson, Mr José Castillo-Fernándeza10.5281/zenodo.10208498ORAL
Development of an in-field detection and cost-effective kit for cacao swollen shoot disease (CSSD) in Côte d’Ivoire and GhanaDr Jean-Philippe MarelliDr Isabelle Schepens, Dr Judith K. Brown, Dr Desiré Pokou, Dr Koffie Kouakou, Dr Ameyaw George10.5281/zenodo.10208513POSTER
Pollination, a matter beyond the visibleMr Diannefair Duarte HernándezMrs Edith Moreno Martinez, Mrs Paula Alejandra Arenas Velilla10.5281/zenodo.10209525POSTER
Different households – different challenges? Understanding the impacts of cocoa producers’ household characteristics on needs and ability to apply sustainable production techniques Dr Franziska OllendorfDr Katharina Loehr, Dr Stefan Sieber10.5281/zenodo.10209565POSTER
Procedures for Safe Movement of Cocoa GermplasmDr Andrew James DaymondDr Michelle Jane End, Ms Heidi Canning, Ms Stella Poole, Dr Chris Turnbull, Prof Paul Hadley10.5281/zenodo.10209594POSTER
Multi-locational nutrient response trials for the development of cocoa fertilizer recommendationsDr Joost van HeerwaardenMiss Ekatherina Vasquez, Dr Stefan Hauser, Dr Alain Jacques Acka Kotaix, Dr Moses O. Ogunlade, Prof Ken E. Giller10.5281/zenodo.10209609ORAL
Several enemies at the same time: interaction between two cocoa pod diseases and a cocoa pod borer and their impact in Peruvian agroforestry systemsMrs Mónica AriasMr Jhoner Alvarado Labajos, Mr Marcos Ramos, Mrs Clémentine Alline, Mr Gerben Martijn Tan Hoopen, Mrs Leïla Bagny-Beilhe10.5281/zenodo.10209817ORAL
The CocoaSoils nutrient offtake model: preliminary results from on-farm trialsDr Lotte Suzanne WoittiezDr Joost Van Heerwaarden, Ms Ekatherina Vasquez Zambrano, Dr Leonard Rusinamhodzi, Dr Stefan Hauser, Prof Kenneth E Giller10.5281/zenodo.10209920ORAL
Farmer’s perception of development opportunities of cacao agroforestry in growing cocoa-producing districts of UgandaMr Thomas WibauxMr Stephane Saj, Mr Job Chemutai, Mr Charles Ntale, ,10.5281/zenodo.10209981POSTER
Identification and Distribution of Novel Badnaviral Sequences Integrated in the Genome of Cacao (Theobroma cacao)Dr Emmanuelle MULLERDr Ihsan Ullah, Prof Jim M. Dunwell, Dr David Lopez, Dr Cedric Mariac, Dr Andrew Daymond10.5281/zenodo.10210009POSTER
Cocoa4Future: A research in partnership project contributing to the agroecological and organizational transition of cocoa production in West AfricaMr Patrick Henri François Jagoret 10.5281/zenodo.10210057POSTER
Somatic embryogenesis in native cacao from Amazonas using ThidiazuronMr KAROL BRIGHTON RUBIO ROJASMr SANTOS TRIUNFO LEIVA ESPINOZA, Mr JUAN CARLOS GUERRERO ABAD10.5281/zenodo.10210099POSTER
A novel method for estimating P&Ds related yield loss in cacao pods in the Peruvian Amazonia.Mr Marcos Javier Ramos CheraDr Leïla Bagny-Beilhe, Mr Jhoner Alvarado Labajos, Dr Bruno Rapidel, Dr Clémentine Allinne10.5281/zenodo.10210137ORAL
Breeding of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) genotypes tolerant/resistant to cocoa swollen shoot virus (CSSVs) in cocoa orchards infected by the disease in Côte d’IvoireDr Boguinard Sahin Honorine Brigitte GuiraudDr Gnion Mathias TAHI, Dr Inago Caudou Trébissou, Dr Klotioloma Coulibaly, Dr Emmanuelle Muller, Dr Claire Lanaud10.5281/zenodo.10210193ORAL
Identification of news hosts plants of swollen shoot virus other than cocoa in Côte d’IvoireDr Balé Françoise GOGBE-DIBIDr Klotioloma COULIBALY, Dr Walet Pierre N’GUESSAN, Dr Gnion Mathias TAHI, Dr Emmanuelle MULLER, Dr Aka Romain AKA10.5281/zenodo.10210270POSTER
An investigation of species associated with stem of cacao in Sulawesi under climate change Dr AYU KARTINI PARAWANSAMr Aswar Aswar Aswar10.5281/zenodo.10211345POSTER
Impact of pruning intensities on cocoa tree productivity, pest (mirids) and disease (black pod disease) infestations on farmer field trials in Côte d’IvoireDr Kam Rigne LaossiMr Siaka KONE, Ms Marine Marchetti, Dr Pierre Broun10.5281/zenodo.10211378ORAL
Effectiveness of Biostimulants as a sustainable solution for improving production of cocoa trees in Ecuador.Sergio RamisMr Ángel Bernardo Llerena Hidalgo10.5281/zenodo.10211384ORAL
Mathematical modeling to improve control strategies in the cocoa and black pod disease pathosystem  Dr Christian Gaele NEMBOT FOMBAProf Gerben Martijn ten Hoopen, Prof Patrice TAKAM SOH, Prof Samuel SOUBEYRAND, Prof Lionel ROQUES10.5281/zenodo.10211392POSTER
Sustainable competitiveness of the cocoa sector in Ecuador: challenges of integrated socio-ecological governanceMr Ludovic TEMPLEMr Angel Avadi, Mr Vinicio Salgado, Ms Matalia Molina10.5281/zenodo.10211406ORAL
Transport inefficiencies in the cocoa value chain in Côte d’Ivoire: Is sustainability possible?Mr Simeon HumanDr Ingrid Fromm10.5281/zenodo.10211416POSTER
Composted plant residue amendments in integration with Trichoderma asperellum suppresses above-ground diseases and improves the growth of cacao (Theobroma cacao L.)Dr Ade RosmanaDr Ruben Sakrabani10.5281/zenodo.10211445ORAL
Influence of mycorrhizal fungi, cocoa pod husk biochar and pig manure on the growth and health status of cocoa plants (Theobroma cacao L.) in nurseryMr Pierre Germain Ntsoli IIMr Wilfried Roland Titti, Prof Aoudou Yaouba10.5281/zenodo.10211467POSTER
Welfare Dynamics: Sustainable Rise or Fall among Cocoa Farming Households in Southwest, NigeriaDr Justina Oluyemisi LawalProf Bolarin Titus Omonona10.5281/zenodo.10211472POSTER
Adaptation to climate variability: farmers’ practices and perspectives in cocoa farming in Côte d’IvoireMr M’BO KACOU ANTOINE ALBANMrs Ann Degrande, Mr Jules Bayala, Mrs Henriette Walz, Mr Kouassi Amani, Mr Christophe Kouame10.5281/zenodo.10211484POSTER
Geospatial distribution of heavy metals in Cocoa Plantations across NigeriaDr Paul Ehimare AikpokpodionDr Moses O. Ogunlade, Prof Peter Osobase Aikpokpodion10.5281/zenodo.10211495POSTER
Effect of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium fertilizers on cocoa in IndonesiaMs Nur Sholecha RuseaniMr Wouter Vanhove, Mr Noto Edi Prabowo, Mr Mahadani Lubis, Mr Patrick Van Damme10.5281/zenodo.10211511POSTER


Implementing agroforestry systems in cocoa production as climate change adaptation methods – Case study from Ivory CoastMrs Renée BrunelleMr Kakou Alban Antoine M’Bo, Mr Alla Kouadio Okou, Mrs Rachel Tchéma, Dr Virginie Levasseur10.5281/zenodo.10213118ORAL
Diversity and Uses of Non-Timber Forest Products in Organic Cocoa base Agroforests in the South-East of Côte d’Ivoire.Prof Constant Yves ADOU YAOMs Antoinette Bonna TOKOU, Ms Rolande Kouassi ETTIEN, Dr Aimé Bi Tra VROH, Mr Benjamin GARNIER,10.5281/zenodo.10213179POSTER
Afforestation of savannah using cocoa agroforestry: impacts on ecosystem services and effects of associated tree species on soil fertilityMr jean-Michel HarmandMrs Annemarijn Nijmeijer, Mrs Marie Sauvadet, Mr Seguy Enock, Mr Jean-Daniel Essobo, Mr Eltson Eteckji Fonkeng10.5281/zenodo.10213230ORAL
Leaf density, adult vegetative vigor and flushing intensity as relevant criteria for evaluating drought resistance of cocoa trees (Theobroma cacao L.)Miss SANDRINE OKAYO MINAKOUDr MATHIAS GNION TAHI, Dr Boguinard Sahin Honorine Brigitte GUIRAUD, Dr VINCENT JOHNSON, Dr CHRISTIAN CILAS, Prof SELASTIQUE DOFFOU AKAFFOU10.5281/zenodo.10213293ORAL
Agronomic and economic performances of improved cacao clones under different agro-ecological conditions in Costa Rica.Dr Dominique DessauwMr Omar Miguel Tarqui-Freire, Dr Laurène Feintrenie, Dr Mariela E. Leandro-Muñoz, Dr Rolando Hermes Cerda-Bustillos10.5281/zenodo.10213324ORAL
Improving Access to Information on Cocoa Planting Material to Benefit Farmers: An Introduction to the Updated International Cocoa Germplasm DatabaseDr Christopher James TurnbullDr Andrew J Daymond, Dr Michelle J End, Prof Paul Hadley10.5281/zenodo.10213357POSTER
Rootstocks: A key tool in adapting to climate changeMrs Edith Moreno MartinezMrs Diannefair Duarte Hernández, Mr Paula Alejandra Arenas Velilla10.5281/zenodo.10213394POSTER
Selection of new varieties of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) adapted to the effects of climate change in Côte d’IvoireDr Gnion Mathias TAHIDr Boguinard Sahin Honorine Brigitte GUIRAUD, Dr Inago Caudou TREBISSOU, Dr Jean-Noël EHOUNOU, Mr Vincent Johnson, Dr Christian CILAS10.5281/zenodo.10213417POSTER
Strategies for improving farmer living conditions for sustainable cacao production in Côte d’IvoireMiss Bonna Antoinette TOKOUProf Constant Yves ADOU YAO, Prof Stefan SIEBER, Dr Katharina LÖHR10.5281/zenodo.10214057ORAL
A Physiological Model to Quantify Impacts of Climate Change Variables on Cocoa ProductivityDr Andrew James DaymondDr Fiona Lahive, Mr Julian Fernando Mateus-Rodriguez, Prof Paul Hadley10.5281/zenodo.10214079ORAL
Fish farming as a way for diversifying sources of income in the cocoa sector in Côte d’IvoireMr Antoine Kouamé KouadioMrs Elodie Pepey, Mr Joel Niamien, Mr Lucas Fertin, Mr Simon Pouil, Mr Charles Boussou10.5281/zenodo.10214095ORAL
Perception of climate change and adaptations of cocoa producers in the Divo production areaDr Evelyne Marise ASSIDr Pierre Walet N’guessan, Dr Mathias Gnion Tahi, Dr Brigitte Honorine Guiraud, Dr Françoise Balet Gogbé, Dr Norbert N’dri10.5281/zenodo.10214126ORAL
Combined effects of elevated [CO2] and increased temperatures on cacao reproductive developmentMr Julian Fernando Mateus-RodriguezDr Andrew Daymond, Dr Fiona Lahive, Prof Paul Hadley10.5281/zenodo.10214163ORAL
Exploiting the Cocoa genetic variation for flowering time and pod development period for climate adaptation: relationship to selected yield componentsMrs Surja ChakrabartiProf Pathmanathan Umaharan10.5281/zenodo.10214186ORAL
Vulnerability of cocoa-based agroforestry systems to climate change in West AfricaMr Antonio Jesús Ariza SalamancaProf Rafael María Navarro-Cerrillo, Dr Clare Stirling, Dr Jayne Crozier, Dr Pablo González-Moreno,10.5281/zenodo.10214203ORAL
Effect of Climate Change on the Management of Phytophtora Pod rot of Cacao in NigeriaMr Sunday Oluremi AgbeniyiMr Modelele O Adeniyi, Mr Babatunde A Ogundeji10.5281/zenodo.10213026POSTER
Fighting climate change through “patrimonialization”: Study cases of the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.Mrs Henry LauraNaN10.5281/zenodo.10214229POSTER
Rapid assessment of soil health in cocoa landscapes around Téné Forest Reserve, Middle-West Côte d’IvoireMr Ebagnerin Jérôme TondohMr Fulbert Ngbala, Mr Yannick Baidai, Mr Guillaume Kouassi, Mr Christophe Kouamé,10.5281/zenodo.10214238ORAL

Decoding the fine flavour properties of dark chocolatesMs Lisa UllrichMrs Bettina Casty, Dr Amandine André, Dr Martin Steinhaus, Prof Tilo Hühn, Prof Irene Chetschik10.5281/zenodo.10223994ORAL
Cash transfers, resilience and child labour in GhanaMrs Anna BruederleNaN10.5281/zenodo.10224003POSTER
Strengthening Cacao Market Development Through Added Value InnovationMiss i Gusti Agung Ayu WidiastutiNaN10.5281/zenodo.10224020POSTER
Development of cocoa physical reference samples for training and calibration of sensory evaluation panels: perspectives from a range of food productsMs Dolores Ixmucané Alvarado RupflinMr Chinkee Lim, Ms Brigitte Laliberté10.5281/zenodo.10224030ORAL
Applying computer vision to cocoa bean cut test images: towards an efficient and accessible tool for evaluating physical qualityMr Neil SlettehaughMr Andrew Meter, Ms Brigitte Laliberte, Ms Dolores Alvarado10.5281/zenodo.10224046ORAL
First Sensory Map of Cocoa Almonds in the State of Pará, Brazil.Dr Fernando Teixeira MendesMs Inácia do Vale Batista, Mr Luiz Felipe Assis, Ms Nayara Letícia Nascimento Reginaldo10.5281/zenodo.10224057ORAL
Consumer perception of the circular economy and the cocoa value chain in Côte d’IvoireMr Simeon Deo Hannes HumanDr David Bozward, Dr Ayodeji Owoeye10.5281/zenodo.10224067ORAL
Official Rural Credit for Cacao in the Amazon: problem or solution?Dr Fernando Teixeira MendesMr Luiz Felipe Assis, Ms Inácia do Vale Batista10.5281/zenodo.10224084POSTER
Quality of traded raw cocoa: origin specific variation, correlations of quality determining factors and development of a “cocoa quality system”Mrs Christina RohsiusMrs Silke Elwers, Mr Reinhard Lieberei10.5281/zenodo.10224111ORAL
New smells and flavours of Venezuelan cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.)Mr Alexis José ZambranoMrs Gladys Isabel Ramos, Mr Néstor Enrique González, Mr Álvaro Gómez10.5281/zenodo.10224138POSTER
Kinetics of Cadmium Bioaccumulation in Beans of Five Cocoa VarietiesMs Jennifer Jackeline GarciaMr Luis Fernando Garcia, Patricia Vanessa Garcia10.5281/zenodo.10224176POSTER



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